Donating 101

K12Rewards has made donating a breeze for anybody to help out a school or their favorite cause. Read on to find out the many ways you can donate, and the great rewards you will receive!

1. By Shopping!

That’s right, you will be donating to your chosen school or cause simply by shopping at stores you already know and love. Every time you make a purchase through our website, you are donating and supporting!

2. By Online Donations

A. Beginning Steps

• Simply click the “Donate tab” located at the top of every page.

• On the Donations page, you will be able to see the many different causes that need support. You can read about each one by clicking “Learn More”. Hit Donate once you’ve made a selection.

• We’ve streamlined the actual process to be as quick and painless as possible for you. Just fill out your name, the cause, and amount. From there, you’ll be routed to trusted e-commerce solution PayPal.

B. Keeping Track

• After you’ve hit confirm, you will get a summary of your donation as well as a Tax ID. You’ll want to hold onto this information. You will also receive a thank you email from us that will outline your donation.

• Navigate to My Account – My Donations and you will see your entire donation history. We’ve even included a summary of your Tax Deductible Contributions as well.

• Don’t forget an additional advantage to donating through our program – You even earn SchoolBucks rewards on your donations.

3. Donate your SchoolBucks

We’ve included one more way for our shoppers to help out schools and causes in need.

• Go to My Account – Redeem and you’ll be given the option to donate the SchoolBucks you’ve earned simply by shopping through our website.

• From there, follow the on-screen instructions and fill out your name, your cause, and the amount. Click confirm and you’re done! You’ve contributed to your school/cause of choice.

• Remember, since you’ve earned these SchoolBucks by shopping through our website, these reward donations are not tax deductible.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can always contact us at


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