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So What are Micro-Projects?

Micro-Projects are specific causes that could use the help of some additional funding. They can be found anywhere from clubs, teams, organizations, programs, classes, etc. Any group is eligible to apply, regardless of numbers; they can range from 50 athlete football teams, to 8 member math clubs!

What Do I need?

All you need is a cause, a fundraising goal, and a start/end date. After that, you’re ready to begin! The most important part is gathering the support of your friends, family and community so they can help spread the word and contribute.

Some Helpful Tips

  1. We recommend that you choose a cause that has a clear financial goal, versus an open-ended one. An example of this would be getting new trombones for the school band instead of supporting the water polo team throughout the entire season.
  2. Be reasonable with your fundraising expectations and goals! A good place to start would be around $40 per student of the organization.
  3. Make sure your messaging is compelling and thoughtful. Carefully explain why you think people should donate to your great cause!
  4. Take into consideration the timeframe of your project, and when it will be the most effective. Start and end during the peak excitement period your club, team or association gathers!
  5. Use an awesome picture that people will notice.

If you would like to try out a micro-project for your club, team, or group, contact your school administrator to find out how you can start fundraising through micro-projects!

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