Look Beautiful for the Holidays!

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the parties. What can I say, I’m a sucker for frosted cookies.  During this busy social season, I’m always looking for ways to save on everything I need to look gorgeous.  If you’re like me, check out merchants like Sephora, Nars, Bath and Body Works, Macy’s and many more for savings on hot beauty products!

I can’t tell you how many stores I had to scour before I found the perfect eyeliner brush at Sephora.  And they have an extensive selection of frosty, shimmery eye shadow shades – perfect for winter celebrations!  And their wide range of brushes and accessories will help you get that perfect party look.

If Sephora has the best eyeliner brushes, Nars has the best eyeliner. My personal favorite is Night Breed – black with just a hint of glitter to fancy up your look. Their soft shades of blush, as well as their beautiful lip gloss and powder selections are must haves for holiday partying.

As someone who has been done up by the talented ladies at the Macy’s cosmetics bars more than once, I can personally testify to the quality of their beauty products. You’ll find bold, daring cosmetics lines like MAC and Smashbox. Or if you like to treat your skin to mineral cosmetics, Macy’s carries a full line of selections from bareMinerals.

Everyone loves a good holiday party. And it’s so much more fun when you feel pretty! Take advantage of savings from these great merchants and get everything you need to look your best this season!


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