Top Five Strategies for Holiday Savings

Today is Cyber Monday, and I know you savvy shoppers love to find great deals. Shopping is a competitive sport! And I want to let you in on the top five methods of coming out ahead this year.

1. Shop from home. Ok, you’ve got this one down. You’re already clued into the great deals you can find online – all from the comfort of your couch, remote and egg nog in hand.

2. Double-dip. Many financial institutions offer cards that give you cash back when you shop.  Now, you can earn both SchoolBucks from K12Rewards and cash back from your card. Take advantage of those, folks!

3. Find Deals. Check out our holiday page for fantastic deals on everything from beauty products to video games – like today’s great deal from Tory Burch! If you only go one place for deals this season, go here!

4. Use K12Rewards. When you’re browsing those holiday deals this season, be sure you’re signed into your K12Rewards account! You’ll get even bigger deals and earn for your school!

5. Relax. With all the time and money you’ll save with these savvy strategies, give yourself a break! Pour a glass of wine and put on your favorite holiday movie. The holidays are supposed to be fun, after all!


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