Check Out These Fundraisers!



Here at K12Rewards, we’re proud to help high schools raise the funds they need to support their athletics teams, bands, clubs and student groups. These micro-projects have the potential to contribute significantly to the school experience of the students involved. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to fill you in on a few of them.

Dublin High School in Dublin, CA is raising money to help its marching band buy new uniforms. Their fundraising period for this project ends March 19.

Independence High School in San Jose, CA is raising money to help their volleyball team purchase new balls. The fundraiser goes through March 11. Deer Park High School in Deer Park, TX is working to raise money by March 31 to fund Project Graduation, a drug and alcohol-free post-graduation celebration. And Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA is raising money to help its hip-hop club purchase new dance shirts.

We’re so impressed by the efforts of our member schools and the enthusiasm of the students, teachers and administrators. To read more about K12Rewards, click here. And to see a student-made video about how K12Rewards can help your school, click here.


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