The High School Video Network

HSVN spotlight

Our member schools are awesome! And they’ve already posted a ton of great videos to their High School Video Network channels. To learn more about what our schools are up to and all the great things they’re doing with HSVN, check out these videos.

Granada High School shot a fantastic video about their robotics club. The club designs and builds robotic devices for statewide competition. Watch the video and see how these passionate students plan to use robotics and engineering in their future careers – and in their efforts to make a difference.

When it comes to news coverage, you can’t beat Cal High. Correspondents for the Grizzly News Network are on the ground for all the high stakes sports, academic competitions and school events. And they report it all with style and flare!

These students definitely have a sense of humor! Take a look at this clever promo for Clear Lake High’s Improv Club. And let me tell you, our schools’ videos are nothing if not worthy of viral status! Check out these videos to see students from Clear Lake High and Dublin High rock the Harlem Shake!

Students at our member schools are creative and passionate – and they’re producing some fantastic videos! If your school is a member, shop online with our merchants and support the great work these students are doing!


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