Have you Heard about the High School Video Network?


Are you looking for a way to be involved in your school and community throughout the summer season? Do you miss the loud roar of the crowd when your school’s football team scores the winning touchdown, or the infectious burst of energy you get from watching your school’s dance team perform one of their catchy routines? Then you can’t miss the High School Video Network—your sure bet to stay connected to all that is happening in your school! If these long summer days have you feeling nostalgic for the sense of togetherness that high school brings, HSVN offers a wide variety of videos of sports, clubs, and extracurriculars that will pump up your school spirit for this upcoming year.

For sports fans, check out this riveting footage of the College Park girl’s varsity team taking on Clayton Valley. These girls are hard-working and talented, and this video is sure to get you excited for a whole new year of high school varsity sports come September! Our talented HSVN producers also journeyed to Dublin High to find out more about the DECA program, which prepares our future leaders in marketing, management, and hospitality for bright and exciting careers. Lastly, you can’t miss this loving and humorous tribute to quadratic formulas from the students at Granada High!

 So even though it’s summer, HSVN is your one-stop destination for all you need to get psyched for another exciting and inspiring academic year!


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