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Ease Back to School Jitters with These Essential Items


If your child is starting a big year this year–perhaps beginning high school or going away to college for the first time–we know that no matter how much you prepare, first day jitters will always arise. To keep the nerves to a minimum, I’ll let you in on a little secret that has always worked for me: stay as organized as possible. With new teachers, friends, and class schedules, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused. And with the stress of making sure you have everything you need for that first day, purchasing helpful organization tools is often overlooked. But if you have these four simple tools for success, the days of forgetting your binder or bringing the wrong book to class will be ancient history.

1)      Agenda. Many people underestimate the importance of a hard copy appointment book, thinking they’ll be able to keep track of events in their head or in a blank notebook. But the calendar format of this weekly and monthly agenda is just what you need to visualize your busy new schedule, and it runs from July 2013-July 2014—perfect for the school year.

2)      Subject dividers. If you’re starting high school or college, dividers for your binder are cheap and absolutely essential. And you can use them however you want—to separate subjects, topics, ideas, etc. A perfect blend of organization and creativity!

3)      Staplers and staples. Don’t count on borrowing your friend’s or roommate’s, because they are probably thinking the same thing. No one wants to be the student who never has his report stapled together on due day, so be sure to invest in a quality stapler for ultimate academic success. 

4)      Message Board. Whether you put it in your locker or hang it in your dorm, message boards are a fun way to remember due dates, appointments, and events,  because you can personalize  them to suit your style. This fun board from Target is only $12.34, and you can use it for daily reminders, to hang photos, to leave notes for your friends—however you see fit!

With these simple organization tools, available from our merchants at great prices, you can spend more time on your studies and less time on stress!

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